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Our Goals Our Goals
With an enterprising spirit and through business activities conducted with integrity, we will contribute to the development of society and win the trust of people.
Management Plan Management Plan
Based on the Kintetsu group management plan (FY 2010 to 2014), we are promoting projects to improve the three major terminals.
Railway Business Railway Business
Introducing our transportation ability, safety and technology, universal design, convenient services and the charms of the areas along our railway lines.
Real Estate Business Real Estate Business
Presenting the three major terminal improvement projects and future-oriented town development.
Retail Business Retail Business
We are providing more convenient and comfortable services in response to more diversified customer needs.
Hotel & Leisure Facility Business Hotel & Leisure Facility Business
We always offer top quality hospitality services in comfortable and relaxing spaces.
Culture & Sports Programs Culture & Sports Programs
We are committed to creating and handing down and proposing new value.
Environmental Protection Activities Environmental Protection Activities
We are devoted to adopting environmentally-friendly measures and providing an earth-friendly railway service.
Environmental Protection Activities Life Support Business & New Businesses
Utilizing the collective capabilities of the Kintetsu Group, we deliver rich, full lives to the city and the people.
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